Happy Twenty-First Birthday Kate Upton

• June 10, 2013 5:00 pm


Turning 21 in America means that our society and legal system accept your participation in the honored tradition of legal intoxication. For young ladies, it’s an especially meaningful event. Every day, co-eds across the nation don Princess crowns and "Buy Me a Shot on my 21st, Biatch!"  sashes to mark the occasion.

June 10 will be known from sea to shining sea as a special day. On behalf of the Washington Free Beacon and Freedom Loving Americans everywhere, I would like to wish Katherine Upton a blessed Birthday.

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Kate holds a special place in the bosoms of all of her friends, from fellow supermodel Brooklyn Decker,

Happy Happy!

Happy Happy!

To her friends and their children.

Let’s not forget the Animal Kingdom, which also would like to wish Kate a special 21st.


Happy Happy Kate!

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