Flashback: The Time Hillary Clinton Was Brought to Tears at the Thought of an Obama Presidency

Tears for fears.
April 20, 2015

Hillary Clinton is in New Hampshire today to campaign for president and steal other people’s children. A number of media outlets are marking the occasion by revisiting a memorable moment from the 2008 Democratic Primary: the time Clinton teared up at a campaign event in New Hampshire before winning that state’s primary.

Much was written about "Hillary Clinton’s Emotional Moment," which many credited with giving new life to a campaign that had just suffered an embarrassing loss in Iowa. "Can Hillary Clinton Cry Her Way Back to the White House?" asked the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd. Slate examined "The Politics of Weeping."

What followed, though, was a pretty vicious attack on the celebrity and inexperience of her opponent, some guy named Barack Obama [emphasis added].:

This is very personal for me. It’s not just political, it’s not just public. I see what’s happening, and we have to reverse it. And some people think elections are a game, they thinks it’s like who’s up or who’s down. It’s about our country, it’s about our kids’ futures, and it’s really about all of us together. You know, some of us put ourselves out there and do this against some pretty difficult odds. And we do it, each one of us, because we care about our country. But some of us are right and some of us are wrong. Some of us are ready and some of us are not. Some of us know what we will do on day one, and some of us haven’t really thought that through enough. So, when we look at the array of problems we have, and the potential for it really spinning out of control, this is one of the most important elections America has ever faced.

So, just to be clear, that pivotal moment people remember when Hillary showed flashes of real emotion was inspired, at least in part, by her deeply held conviction that if Americans did not elect her president, and instead opted for an inexperienced rube like Barack Obama, there was a very real chance the world would descend into chaos.

To be fair, she wasn't entirely wrong.