EXCLUSIVE: BOMBSHELL: EXPOSED: The Secret Muslim Connection Donald Trump Doesn't Want You to Know About

What else is he hiding?
December 9, 2015

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has risen to the top of the polls by appealing to hardworking Americans who value intellectual genius, good looks, and dead terrorists. Both the mainstream media and their allies in the GOP establishment have sought to derail his candidacy with malicious falsehoods because he threatens their politically correct open-borders agenda. Trump's latest proposal, which would ban Muslims from entering the country until our government can "figure out what's going on," has been wildly denounced by talking heads and politicians sympathetic to the jihad movement.

Successful billionaires rarely have dark secrets, but the Free Beacon decided to exclusively investigate The Donald anyway. What we found will shock you: Trump's ties to the Muslim networks that hold power in the oil rich Arabian lands are deep and lucrative.

There are currently two Trump brand luxury golf courses under construction in the United Arab Emirates, a country with known ties to Islamic terror groups. But that's not all. The Donald's iconic Trump Tower in Manhattan hosts a "corporate campus" of the government-owned Qatar Airways. The Qatari government has been identified as a crucial source of funding for terror groups such as ISIS and Hamas and is an enthusiastic purveyor of sharia law.

Trump tenants also include members of the Saudi royal family, another source of terror financing and big time sharia fans. In 1991, Trump sold his 283-foot yacht to a Saudi prince for a discounted price of $18 million. Where did that money go? We may never know. Where it definitely didn't go is into the pocketbooks of hardworking non-establishment Americans. Luxury aficionados, including members of the out-of-touch GOP elite in Washington, could purchase fabulous Trump Home products in retail chains across the Middle East. (The retail chain has since conveniently "cut ties" with the real estate baron in a desperate attempt to curtail his political steamroller of a campaign.)

At first glance, Donald Trump seems like a wealthy, handsome cherub who has fortuitously thrust himself upon this crucial juncture in our nation's history, charging selflessly into the barbed, cocktail-infused citadel of the Elite Opinion Makers. But when we take an exclusive look behind that admittedly fabulous curtain, we are left with a very different picture indeed: A man who pals around with rich Muslims, selling them massive boats, and building golf courses in the desert. Apart from Hillary Clinton, there is no other candidate with stronger ties to radical Islam than Donald Trump.

He didn't want you to find out. But we did.