Diamond and Silk Documentary Snubbed by Anti-Conservative Oscars

• February 25, 2019 1:22 pm


While the Oscar for Best Picture this year went to white director Peter Farrelly's white savior flick Green Book, the Academy Awards also snubbed the most authentic take on the modern black experience that came out in 2018.

Dummycrats is a film by Diamond and Silk, the most prominent African-American conservative voices since C.J. Pearson. The documentary shreds the eponymous "Dummycrats," opening with over twenty minutes of nothing but archival footage of Democratic gaffes and ending with Diamond and Silk wandering D.C. looking for Maxine Waters. Despite it's glowing reception, the film did not receive a nod for Best Documentary due to Hollywood's insidious left-wing bias.

I never actually managed to watch Dummycrats; the left-wing strangle on the national theater chains ensured that it's national run was limited to a single Fathom showing and it cost $225 to attend the D.C. premiere at the Trump Hotel. I did watch eventual Best Documentary winner Free Solo, and I will admit it does an incredible job telling the story of Alex Honnold, a modern daredevil who rock-climbs without ropes or harnesses almost resigned to the inevitability of death.

But the reviews of those who did see Dummycrats make it clear that at the very least, it deserved a nomination. The film has an 4.7 out of five rating on Facebook and an 80% audience score on RottenTomatoes, compared to only 77% for the nominated Ruth Bader Ginsburg paean RBG.

Newsmax film critic Michael Clark gives Dummycrats four stars out of four. "You know you’re in for something really different when the opening voiceover lets you know that if you’re a liberal you might be offended by what you are about to see—especially you, Robert DeNiro," he wrote.

Dummycrats, he writes, "is in no way trying to hide, cloak, or lighten its message and serves as a wake-up call for the independent and undecided voters. It’s being released for one night only … at a most critical time when the press is clamoring about a midterm ‘blue wave' sweep …"

"… Diamond and Silk are perfectly capable …" writes the left-wing The Outline. "One gets the impression that… their status as black women lends credibility …"

"Democrat plantation…….!" writes IMDB commenter olgasafan. "So glad i came across this video and im not at all surprised why the internet is trying so hard to bury this!!!"

Dummycrats‘ snub follows a long history of liberal documentaries receiving Oscar nods while conservative films are ignored. Explicit left-wing propaganda like Bowling for Columbine, Sicko, Inside Job, Gasland, March of the PenguinsAn Inconvenient Truth and most recently RBG have all received nominations and wins, but the last explicitly conservative documentary to receive an Oscar nomination was Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life in 1996.

Most egregiously, not a single Dinesh D'Souza film has been nominated. "Dinesh warned me this might happen," producer Gerald Molen told Hollywood Reporter when 2016: Obama’s America was snubbed in 2012. "The action confirms my opinion that the bias against anything from a conservative point of view is dead on arrival in Hollywood circles."

Amen, Mr. Molen. Half of America is nodding along, and adding, "Mmhmm."

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