Congressman to Get Beat By Irish Josh

March 7, 2013

Congressman Peter King (R., N.Y.) is the latest in a long line of American husbands to annoy their wives by engaging in a hobby in which they risk their health and well being. And King is indulging in his hobby on his wife’s birthday. Poor form, man:

The 68-year-old Republican is known more for his bare-knuckle politics than his pugilistic skills. He said Wednesday he plans to step into the ring Saturday for a two-round exhibition bout against a New York state kickboxing champion, "Irish" Josh Foley, at a pub in Wantagh, N.Y.

Why would Rep. King step in the ring with a kickboxer?  King says he’s been training in boxing for almost a decade. Does he not know that kickboxing is a completely different discipline? He also says the bout isn’t for charity. That's unusual since most of these pro-versus-celeb-joe events raise money or awareness for a group or cause.

Nothing good can come from this, congressman, and I’d like you to reconsider. All you’re doing is risking your seat by getting dropped with a roundhouse kick to your dome by Irish Josh. You’re not even the headliner on the event’s poster.

Go take Mrs. King to a nice dinner. And tell Rosemary I wish her a happy birthday.

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