Report: Kamala Harris Is So Unpopular That Democrats Don't Want a Photo With Her

Vice President Kamala Harris / Getty Images
June 21, 2022

The Democratic National Committee slashed the cost of taking a picture with Vice President Kamala Harris by nearly 67 percent, Puck's Tara Palmeri reported Tuesday.

The DNC planned to charge $15,000 for participants to take a picture with the vice president as part of the committee's Women's Leadership Forum, which was originally scheduled for last month. After miserly ticket sales, it postponed the event until fall. According to Palmeri, the committee will now charge only $5,000 for a similar photo op this month in deep-blue California, Harris's home state.

The DNC's decision comes as Harris's popularity ranking reaches record lows. As of Friday, just 35.5 percent of Americans approve of Harris, FiveThirtyEight found.

Harris's unpopularity has left her party in a panic, the Washington Free Beacon reported in May. At least 12 staffers, including her chief of staff, have left her office. Multiple former staffers describe the vice president as so "toxic" and "abusive" that they are "terrified at the thought of her becoming president," the Free Beacon reported.

President Joe Biden, who on Monday became the least popular president in American history, is 79 years old.

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