'Nonbinary' Biden Official and Luggage Thief Collected Six-Figure Salary During Leave

Former Biden energy official Sam Brinton / Getty Images
April 18, 2023

Former Department of Energy official Sam Brinton, who identifies as "nonbinary," drew a six-figure taxpayer-funded salary while facing felony charges for stealing luggage, public records revealed.

Brinton, after being charged in November with stealing a woman’s luggage at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, took home a roughly $178,000 salary while on paid leave before finally being dismissed by the Biden administration, Townhall reported

An Oct. 28 letter from the Energy Department to Brinton obtained by Townhall showed Brinton received pay and benefits for more than a month before being dismissed in December, when the former official was hit with new charges over the theft of a bag at a Las Vegas airport.

On Monday, a Minnesota court ordered Brinton to undergo a mental health evaluation, also requiring the former Energy Department official to complete community service.

Brinton avoided jail time last week for the Las Vegas theft after pleading no contest, reducing the charge to a misdemeanor. The former Biden official must pay $3,670.74 in restitution to the victim.

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