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Biden Admin Taps Ford's Top Electric Vehicle Lobbyist as Energy Department Adviser

Auto giant's head of government affairs has defended partnership with Chinese battery maker

April 26, 2023

Congress Wants Receipts for Jennifer Granholm’s Spring Break Trip to Puerto Rico

Energy Secretary has been to island territory five times in four months

April 25, 2023

Granholm: $200 Million Grant to China-Based Company Still Under Consideration

Taxpayer money meant to bolster U.S. energy production could instead benefit Chinese entities

April 20, 2023

Court Decision Puts Pressure on Biden to Reignite Gas Stove War

Biden pressed to take federal action after appeals court strikes down California city's gas stove ban

April 20, 2023

'Genderfluid' Bag Thief Sam Brinton Charged for Airport Baggage Heist

Ex-Biden admin official narrowly avoids prison, can spend more time in his sex dungeon

April 14, 2023

Granholm Gone Wild? Energy Sec Takes Fourth Trip to Puerto Rico in Five Months

'Unless Granholm is there installing the solar panels herself, there is no reason for her to be on the ground for that long,' expert says

March 29, 2023

Gas Stoves for Me But Not for Thee: Energy Sec Backs Gas Stove Restriction But Concedes She Has a Gas Stove

'Half of the gas stoves' on market would be impacted by DOE's proposed regulation, Jennifer Granholm says

March 23, 2023