Climate Envoy John Kerry Faces Congressional Investigation Over 'Secret' Dealings With China

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February 3, 2023

House Republicans announced Thursday they are investigating President Joe Biden's climate envoy John Kerry over his secret meetings with the Chinese Communist government.

House Oversight and Accountability Committee chairman James Comer (R., Ky.), who is leading the investigation, in a letter accused Kerry of making "secret agreements" with foreign governments such as China that harm U.S. national security.

"To date, you have failed to respond to any of our requests," Comer said. "Yet, you continue to engage in activities that could undermine our economic health, skirt congressional authority, and threaten foreign policy under the guise of climate advocacy."

The letter points to an interview Kerry gave in May 2022 in which he claimed to have worked with the Chinese to form a group to combat greenhouse gases. Kerry, who has flown more than 180,000 miles as climate czar, has until Feb. 16 to comply with the document requests.

Kerry ignored Republican questions when they were in the minority, Fox News reported.

The investigation announcement comes as a Chinese spy balloon was spotted this week floating over nuclear sites in Montana. Biden declined to shoot down the balloon, prompting backlash from Republicans who say Biden is jeopardizing national security.

Comer said he wants the documents related to Kerry's secret meetings with China in order to "understand" the climate envoy's "role and provide necessary transparency."

"As a member of the President’s cabinet, you should be representing the United States’ interests," the letter said. "Your statements, however, consistently show disregard for American national security and taxpayer dollars."

Kerry is the first person to hold the climate envoy position. It is within the State Department and has a budget of $13.9 million. Kerry has not responded to the letter.

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