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Princeton Fetes an Anti-Semite

The university went all-in on 'antiracism.' Sorry, Jews, that doesn't include you.

February 21, 2023

Intel Officials’ Fresh Laptop Baloney

After calling the Hunter Biden laptop Russian disinformation in 2020, Jim Clapper and co. set about restoring their tarnished reputations.

February 13, 2023

The New York Times Finally Finds a Scientist It Doesn't Like

Hint: She’s the one who doesn't want to rip out your gas stove

Obama’s Weakness Comes Home to Roost on the Battlefield in Ukraine, Again

Iranian drones powered by American technology are killing Ukrainian civilians

December 30, 2022

A Shameful Prisoner Swap

'Antiracism' is no way to conduct foreign policy

Meet the (SBF) Parents

The left-wing apple doesn't fall far from the tree

November 23, 2022