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The SCOTUS Legitimacy Crisis That Wasn’t

Defeated and despondent, the Left calls to impeach conservative justices at every turn

The Naked Jan. 6 Political Calculation

Democrats spend money to put riot participants on the ballot in November

Who's Afraid of Elise Stefanik?

Media attempt to hang 'great replacement' theory around the neck of GOP conference chairwoman

Leaker, Liar, Turncoat, Nut Job

Steve Schmidt's abasement makes public what we've known for a long time

Read the Letter the Harvard Crimson Won't Publish

A former Crimson president wanted to blast the paper's decision to endorse BDS. Crimson president Raquel Coronell Uribe won't publish his letter.

The Nurse Ratched of Disinformation

Nina Jankowicz says she’s “committed to protecting free speech.” LOL.