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They're All Socialists Now

Biden's $3.5 trillion budget was written by a socialist—and it shows

The Biden Administration’s COVID Double Standard

Tourists must now provide proof of vaccination. Illegal immigrants get a free pass.

BDS & Jerry’s

The woke ice cream company veers into anti-Semitism

Democrats Find a Filibuster They Can Get Behind

The Texas Democrats didn’t accomplish their mission, but they managed to expose the party’s glaring hypocrisy

Ilhan Omar Knows What She's Doing

The Democratic congresswoman says she has always been somebody who 'understands how words can be harmful and hurtful to people.' We believe her.

On Guns and Crime, One Cheer for Biden

The president is evasive on the causes of the crime spike but tacitly bows to reality

In Corporate America and Academia, Silence Speaks Volumes

American elites are tight-lipped on an upsurge in anti-Semitism

The AP's Empty Gesture

Firing the activist Emily Wilder won't fix the wire service's bigger problems

Biden’s Middle East Failure

America’s enemies sense weakness, and they are capitalizing