Report: Biden Aides 'Scared Shitless' of Rage-Addled POTUS

Dementia patients may become increasingly agitated and aggressive as the condition worsens

(Allison Joyce/Getty Images)
July 2, 2024

In May 2020, Vanity Fair published an article headlined "Intelligence Officials Reportedly Struggle To Brief Trump Because He's Like a Giant Toddler." Here's an excerpt:

During meetings with aides who are putting together formal briefings … some senior officials have at times gone to great lengths to curate the information being presented in an effort to avoid provoking a negative reaction.

"It's like, 'You can't include that, that will set him off,' or 'Put that in, he likes that,'" said one senior administration official. "It's a Rorschach test, not a briefing. Because he is not a pleasant person to be around when he's being briefed. It's very difficult, and people are scared shitless of him."

Wait. Sorry. That's actually an excerpt from a Politico article published Tuesday about President Joe Biden and the "impenetrable group of enablers who deluded themselves about his ability to run again even as they've assiduously worked to accommodate his limitations and shield them from view."

It's not the first time we've heard about White House aides being "scared shitless" of Biden, who has a long history of boorish behavior fueled by intellectual insecurity. Axios reported last year that some staff members tried to "avoid meeting alone" with the president due to his "quick-trigger temper" and his tendency to lash out in expletive-infused rants.

According to WebMD, increased agitation and aggression are common symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Individuals experiencing cognitive decline "may get upset or angry easily" and "curse, hurl insults, or scream." Upon entering the later stages of decline, they may begin to "throw things or resist caregivers by pushing and hitting." It's not known if Biden has lashed out physically behind closed doors, but he has repeatedly threatened to beat up journalists.