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Joe Simonson is a senior investigative reporter for the Washington Free Beacon. He previously worked as an investigative reporter and campaign correspondent for the Washington Examiner. His work has appeared in the New York Post, the American Conservative, and National Review. He lives in Washington, DC. His Twitter handle is @SaysSimonson. You can reach Joe at

The 'Lifelong Republican' Featured In Latest Angie Craig Ad Actually Votes As a Democrat

Man also can’t vote for Angie Craig—because he doesn’t live in her district

October 12, 2022

Tim Ryan Took Money From Opioid Distributor Whose Executives Mocked Addicts as 'Pillbillies'

On the campaign trail, Ryan attacks pharmaceutical companies for profiting from 'getting Americans hooked on opiates'

October 10, 2022

'A Great Error': How Biden Used a Budgetary Gimmick To Score a Pre-Election Political Win

'They did it this way so next year they can say the deficit is lower,' economist says of student cancellation plan

October 6, 2022

Dan Kildee Pays Wealthy Donor Nearly $200K in Taxpayer Funds

Michigan Dem scores deal to rent luxury office space from campaign donor

October 5, 2022