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Adam Kredo is senior writer reporting on national security and foreign policy matters for the Washington Free Beacon. An award-winning political reporter who has broken news from across the globe, Kredo’s work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Weekly Standard, Commentary Magazine, the Drudge Report, and the Jerusalem Post, among many others. His Twitter handle is @Kredo0. His email address is

IRS Under Pressure To Pull Tax-Exempt Status for Pro-Hamas Groups Fomenting Unrest

Network of groups that encouraged BLM riots now bankrolling anti-Israel violence, Jim Banks says

July 2, 2024

House Republicans Want To Label Iraqi Leader as 'Tool of Iranian Influence'

Iraq's leaders enabling Iran to foment terrorism across the Middle East

June 27, 2024

The Gaza Famine That Never Was

US officials and media claimed Israel is using starvation as a weapon. New evidence shows this was a lie.

June 26, 2024

Republicans Warn of Chinese Control Over American Drone and Consumer Electronic Marketplace

China could operate 'hundreds of thousands of spy balloons' in the US

June 26, 2024

Biden Granted US Visa to Assad’s Cousin. Republicans Say That May Have Violated Sanctions.

Son of Assad’s cousin spotted in Instagram post drinking at a California bar

June 25, 2024

Israeli Terror Victims Sue UNRWA for Leading 'Billion-Dollar Money Laundering Operation That Funded Hamas'

UNRWA greatly reduced 'humanitarian aid provided to Gaza residents' and played 'key role in the October 7 attack,' lawsuit alleges

June 24, 2024

Millions in Taxpayer Cash Awarded to Subsidiary of U.S.-Sanctioned CCP ‘Military Company’

US government gave $2.6 million to subsidiary of Chinese gene harvesting powerhouse

June 24, 2024

Biden Stopped Fast Tracking US Arms to Israel Following Pressure from Anti-Israel Democrats, GOP Senator Says

'[Biden's] administration is engaged in bureaucratic sleight-of-hand to withhold this crucial aid to Israel,' Cotton says

June 20, 2024

Yale Failed To Disclose Millions in Qatari Funding, Flouting Federal Law, Report Says

Qatari money has helped foment anti-Semitic campus protests at Ivy League school

June 18, 2024