Adam Kredo

Congress Seeks to Sanction Officials From Countries Holding Americans Hostage

Cotton, Cruz look to crack down on rogue regimes

U.S. CapitolCongress is considering new legislation that would require President Donald Trump to sanction any foreign government official involved in holding Americans hostage, a move that would prevent these foreigners and their family members from obtaining U.S. visas, according to congressional sources working on the bill.

Leading GOP Lawmakers to Trump: You’re Getting Bad Advice on Iran

GOP hawks demand president stop permitting Iran nuclear work

U.S. CapitolThree of the leading anti-Iran voices in Congress have joined together to warn President Donald Trump that he is being given bad advice on Iran, according to a joint statement provided to the Washington Free Beacon that demands the administration stop issuing sanctions waivers permitting Iran to continue sensitive nuclear work.

ISIS Tells Followers to Set Forest Fires in U.S., Europe

A media outlet affiliated with the ISIS terror group has been instructing the group's radical adherents to begin setting forest fires in the United States and Europe to cause mass ecological disasters, according to postings on internet forums dedicated to the terror group.

Group Demands Docs Related to Qatar’s Suspected Infiltration of U.S. Public Schools

Lawfare Project seeks to shine light on how Middle Eastern nation wages indoctrination campaign in U.S. schools

Duke UniversityA legal organization has filed a series of requests to compel American universities to turn over documents that will shine light on an effort by Qatar to peddle influence and push anti-Israel bias in U.S. public schools, according to a copy of public records requests obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.