2020 Election

Continetti: It’s Not Over Yet, Despite What Press May Think

Washington Free Beacon founding editor Matthew Continetti on Thursday cautioned against assuming that Joe Biden's polling lead is insurmountable.

"I think there is a great urge among a lot of people in the press, a lot of people in Washington, D.C., to declare this race over. It's not over," Continetti said on Fox News's America's Newsroom. "He has time to recover not only from COVID, but I also think from the position he finds himself in—which is narrowly behind in these battleground states."

Continetti's comments were prompted by a recent article by David Brady of the Hoover Institution, which compared Biden's poll numbers to Hillary Clinton's performance in 2016. The polling indicates President Donald Trump could lose the popular vote by more than he did in 2016 but still win the Electoral College because Biden's lead in battleground states is more precarious than his national lead.

As the presidential race heads into its final weeks, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced Thursday that the next debate between Trump and Biden would be held virtually. Trump subsequently declared he would not participate.

Continetti added that in order for Trump to close the gap, he needs to make contrasts between his policy positions and those of the Democratic ticket, as Vice President Mike Pence did in Wednesday's debate.