2020 Election

Biden Tells Clinton He Wishes She Was Running for Reelection

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden told twice-failed candidate Hillary Clinton Tuesday he wished he could be supporting her bid for reelection.

"I wish this were us doing this and my supporting your reelection for president of the United States. You won the majority of the vote," Biden said during a livestream conversation with Clinton, his party's 2016 nominee.

Biden's wish that he didn't have to run in 2020 against President Donald Trump comes after he effectively wrapped up the party's nomination earlier this month.

He also appeared to speculate that some states engaged in misbehavior during the 2016 election.

"I think the way in which some of the states acted was just, anyway," he said, before praising how Clinton would have handled the crisis.

"We'd have problems, we'd have the pandemic, but you would have already been prepared for it," he continued. "It still would have been hard, but you would have a lot to keep us from getting in such a dire strait."

Clinton endorsed Biden Tuesday, claiming Biden would handle the coronavirus crisis with "the compassion, competence, and respect for science we need to save lives and revive the economy."

Clinton's endorsement comes after former president Barack Obama announced his endorsement of Biden two weeks ago. Nearly all of Biden's former Democratic opponents in the primary race have also endorsed the former vice president.

Clinton also told Biden how she thinks she would be a better president than Trump in handling the pandemic.

"One thing I would have done, Joe, which you know so well, I would have read my daily intelligence briefings that were sounding the alarm since January," she said, laughing. "But apparently this president doesn't do what we used to do."