Slate Has a Problem With Powerful Women

Weblog has published numerous attacks against women since November

Kellyanne ConwaySlate has launched a series of attacks on powerful women in the wake of Donald Trump's victory, raising questions about whether the hot take factory is threatened by strong female leaders.

Eat Meat Like Whitman

Review: Walt Whitman, ‘Manly Health and Training,' introduction by Zachary Turpin

Turns out Allen Ginsberg was right when he imagined Walt Whitman in a supermarket in California "poking among the meats in the refrigerator and eyeing the grocery boys." I don't mean he was right about the grocery boys, though Whitman certainly had a wandering eye. He was right about the meat.

C.S. Lewis’ Turn From Argument to Poetry

Essay: C.S. Lewis's turn from argument to poetry

Generations after they were written, The Chronicles of Narnia continue to be read by parents and children the world over. My own children have not only become enchanted by the stories but have also begun to reenact them every time they play together.