U.S., Israeli Officials Deny U.S. Has Cut Israel Out of Iran Talks

Officials: Kerry continuing conversations with Netanyahu

Senior U.S. officials in both the State Department and White House denied reports that the Obama administration has stopped informing Israel about Iran nuclear talks as a result of anger over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's upcoming speech before a joint session of Congress, according to statements provided to the Free Beacon.

Farewell Federal Grants—and Good Riddance!

Review: James L. Buckley’s ‘Saving Congress from Itself’

Say goodbye to those education Pell Grants and to that HUD Home Investment Partnership Program you have heard so many nice things about. In fact, if former senator and federal judge James L. Buckley has his way, every government program that relies on federal grants to state and local governments will be done for.

NSA Braced for New Leaks

Foreign security firm uncovered cyber spy methods

The National Security Agency, still reeling from massive leaks caused by Edward Snowden, is preparing to be hit with another major loss of secrets, according to U.S. intelligence officials.