The Myths of the U.S.-Israel Relationship

It would be hard to find someone whose background better suited him to write about the U.S.-Israel relationship than Dennis Ross. A long-time diplomat and policymaker, he has been involved in Arab-Israeli negotiations in every administration from Carter to Obama, with a single time-out under the first Bush. His new book does not disappoint: Doomed to Succeed devotes a pithy chapter to each administration, explaining its policies and the reasoning behind them.

Whatever Happened to Human Rights?

Back in 2010, a headline hit the news wires that caused something of a stir: “Brussels Declares Vacation Time a Human Right,” blared one item. Some ambitious European technocrat had decided that everybody, simply by being human, has an inalienable right to jet off to Mallorca and sit on the beach for weeks—regardless of his ability to pay for it.

A Marxist’s Amazing Fantasy

China Miéville

China Miéville is the densest, smartest, and weirdest writer of fantasy working today. His prose, lyric and flexible, will send even the most educated readers to the Oxford English Dictionary, because Webster’s is often insufficient. He made his reputation with the World Fantasy Award-winning New Crobuzon trilogy, three novels that use the machinations of a fantastic industrial-capitalist city-state as the axis for their plots. Miéville’s latest is Three Moments of an Explosion, a brilliant and unnerving collection of short stories.