Sunday Show Round Up

Lawmakers criticize, praise President’s Iraq strategy

Republican lawmakers criticized the president for authorizing only limited action in Iraq while Democratic lawmakers maintained support for President Obama’s current strategy in comments made on Sunday. President Barack Obama yesterday declined to give a timetable for the strikes, but reiterated that there will be no boots on the ground.

Friends of Freedom

A number of celebs have backed Israel in its campaign against Hamas

Rolling StonesWhile Hollywood has its fair share of celebrities who openly denounce Israel, the current conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip has brought a proud group of celebrities to light that refuse to succumb to the town’s anti-Israel mindset. Some freedom-loving celebrities have spoken out against those that have chosen to support Hamas in its conflict with Israel. Others have simply refused to give in to demands made by those who try and get the world to join in on their crusade against Israel. Here are Israel’s celebrity defenders.

Blogging Alone

Review: ‘The Vanishing Neighbor’

“The last refuge of a social-scientific scoundrel is to call for more research,” quipped Robert Putnam near the end of his seminal 1995 essay “Bowling Alone.” Yet that is what he proceeded to do, and his fellow scoundrels have obliged. The latest round of research comes from Marc Dunkelman, whose book, The Vanishing Neighbor: The Transformation of American Community, is a valuable contribution to our understanding of how America’s rhythms of civic life are changing.

Union-Backed Lobbying Group Attacking Education Reformer

Campaign against Campbell Brown spearheaded by pro-union lobbyists

Campbell BrownA new attack campaign against former CNN anchor and school reform advocate Campbell Brown is being led by a team of union-funded lobbying groups. The Alliance for Quality Education received $62,100 from the Teachers AFL-CIO Local Union and $5,000 from the Service Employees Local Union in 2013, according to Department of Labor filings. Over the past several years, New York Communities for Change has received over $1.4 million from unions, including $288,992 from teachers unions in 2013, Department of Labor records show.

Friends of Hamas

Gaza conflict brings Hollywood’s anti-Israel crowd out in full force

Hollywood celebrities young and old have come out in condemnation of Israel since the beginning of hostilities with Hamas in Gaza. Opponents of Israel have not been shy about making their thoughts known, whether it be through social media or letters denouncing Israel. Some have just cluelessly tweeted themselves onto team Hamas, and then rushed to clarify that they had no idea what they were talking about. Here are some of the celebrities that have found themselves on the side of Hamas.