Review: ‘In My Skin’ By Brittney Griner

Brittney Griner

The first time most Americans were introduced to Brittney Griner was on March 4, 2010. The 6’8” women’s basketball phenomenon’s hadouken into the face of a smaller opposing player was the first time in months that women’s hoops was the top story on Sportscenter, overshadowing Griner’s breakout freshman campaign when she set the NCAA single-season record for blocks. When you searched “Brittney Griner” in YouTube, “The Punch” relegated videos of Griner’s many in-game dunks to the sparsely viewed second page. Griner was click bait.

REVIEW: ‘What Good is Grand Strategy?’ By Hal Brands

“Reduced to its essence, grand strategy is the intellectual architecture that lends structure to foreign policy; it is the logic that helps states navigate a complex and dangerous world.”

With President Obama’s foreign policy in disarray, Hal Brands’ study of strategy is well timed. Considering the experiences of four presidents—Truman, Nixon, Reagan, and Bush—Brands seeks to “offer some tentative thoughts on the utility of grand strategy for American officials.”