The God of Liberalism

In its thousands of pages, Obamacare contains the heart of the progressive vision for how society should work. A central premise of Obamacare is that everybody should have access to healthcare regardless of income or personal circumstances. Individuals do not have to rely on others to gain access to a basic life necessity; the government supplies what they need. Individuals have both the autonomy that comes from being independent from other people and the security of the government-provided benefit.

The America Versus China Century

Chinese honor guards stand to attention

“Almost every important global issue will find itself colored by this rivalry. Yet it will not be the win-at-all costs ideological struggle of the Cold War. Instead, this will be an older, more fluid form of rivalry that is based on balance of power and building coalitions of support.”

Geoff Dyer’s The Contest of the Century provides a 279-page intellectual tonic to the mantra of inevitable American decline and looming Chinese supremacy. Where other writers claim the Chinese dragon is omnipotent, Dyer insists that nothing is inevitable.

Indyk Caught Bashing Israel at Hotel Bar

Middle East envoy Martin Indyk was overheard at an upscale Washington, D.C., bar bashing Israel and fully blaming it for the recent failure of peace talks with the Palestinians, according to an individual who overheard the conversation and described it as a surprising and “nasty” 30-minute-long tirade against the Jewish state.