Fayyad Wants Out

Palestinian leader ‘thrown under the bus’ by Obama, threatens to quit

The Palestinian Authority’s most notable advocate of reform threatened to quit in protest over his government’s continued failure to increase transparency and crack down on rampant corruption, according to multiple sources close to the PA.

Picking Losers and Losers

Government investments in green energy projects rack up massive losses, analysis finds

President Barack Obama’s taxpayer-financed “investments” in green energy firms netted huge profits for company executives even as they cost taxpayers millions, a recent Washington Examiner analysis found.

Anti-Coal Regulation on Fire

Rule that would cost up to $10 billion to solve $6 million in health problems faces lawsuit

Nearly half of state governments are suing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to block an anti-coal energy regulation that will increase energy costs by $10 billion per year while saving a couple of million dollars in health costs annually.

After the Storm

Column: No matter who wins on Tuesday, America faces great challenges

Can we pause from our hypomanic poll checkups? Can we stop tweeting about the early vote? Is it possible in the final days of this close election to step back and reflect, if only for a few moments, on the challenges that will face whoever is elected president on Tuesday? I’m as guilty as the next pundit of obsessing over the fight between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. My nerves are fried. I’ve been freebasing poll crosstabs like an addict. But the fiscal, economic, and foreign policy crises that will likely unfold in the coming months cannot be ignored.