Chelsea Clinton Shocked by Boko Haram Terror, Which Was Ignored by Hillary’s State Dept.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Chelsea Clinton expressed disgust at the “unspeakably awful” news that Boko Haram has been raping hundreds of his female prisoners, but the rise of Boko Haram coincided with a refusal by Hillary Clinton’s State Department to designate it as a terrorist group, which hampered the United States’ ability to confront it.

NYT: Hillary Confidante Counseled State Department on Behalf of Business Interests While Employed By Clinton Foundation

Sidney Blumenthal / AP

Longtime Clinton confidante Sid Blumenthal advised Hillary Clinton’s State Department during the conflict in Libya, the New York Times reports. Blumenthal’s unofficial involvement in State Department affairs, which occurred while he was on the payroll of various Clinton-related organizations, was more extensive than previously known, and is likely to earn him a subpoena from the Republican-led congressional committee investigating the Benghazi attacks.

State Department Will Not Review Clinton Ethics Pledge Breaches

Hillary Rodham Clinton

(Reuters) – The U.S. State Department will not review the breaches of the 2008 ethics agreement Hillary Clinton signed in order to become secretary of state after her family’s charities admitted in March that they had not complied, a spokesman said on Thursday.