Russia Violates Intermediate Nuclear Missile Treaty

Administration faulted for delay in exposing Moscow arms cheating
Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin / AP

Moscow violated a key strategic nuclear arms accord by developing a ground-launched cruise missile banned under the 1987 agreement, according to the State Department.

State Dept. Will Not Defend White House Criticism of Israel

Obama administration in disarray on Israel crisis, officials say
An Iron Dome air defense system fires to intercept a rocket from the Gaza Strip in Tel Aviv

Conflicting messages from the Obama administration to Israel are prompting concerns that the White House may not have a coherent strategy in place as the crisis in the Middle East escalates, according to former U.S. and Israeli officials.

John Kerry’s Soccer Obsession is Undermining America

In bombshell interview, refers to soccer field as ‘football pitch’

Secretary of State John Kerry undermined the interests of the United States on Friday by discussing soccer in an interview with Sports Illustrated.

Kerry’s affinity for the sport, which has deep ties to socialism, is no secret. He has been photographed on numerous occasions looking awkward while kicking a soccer ball in jeans: