No More Solyndras

Republicans Fall into Line Behind Anti-Solyndra bill

After squabbling behind closed doors, House Republicans have united behind the No More Solyndras Act, a bill to finish the energy loan guarantee program.

The Solyndra Success

Green energy company praised as ‘successful’ by Obama spox despite catastrophic failure

Obama campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith attempted to push back against charges that President Obama has engaged in crony capitalism, the practice of rewarding prominent donors with taxpayer dollars.

Cronyism Built That

Dem donors rake in billions under Obama administration

President Obama’s record of rewarding political donors with taxpayer dollars and plum administration posts is facing a new round of scrutiny thanks to GOP challenger Mitt Romney’s effort to make it a central issue of the campaign.

A Solyndra for Sebelius

$20 million slush fund for biotech comes at expense of biohazard preparedness

The Senate Appropriations Committee has created a $20 million fund for Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to invest in biotech startups, shifting money to a program that some say resembles the Department of Energy’s controversial loan guarantees.

Obama: The Public Equity President

Romney visits Solyndra as Republicans turn the tables on Obama’s private equity attack

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney made a surprise visit Thursday to the vacant headquarters of Solyndra, the latest move in a concerted GOP effort to turn the tables on the Obama campaign’s attack on Romney’s record as a private investor.