Failed Co-Op Under Investigation Used $280K in Taxpayer Dollars For Lobbying


A failed co-op currently under investigation for underreporting its financial situation used hundreds of thousands in taxpayer dollars for lobbying, according to Senate lobbying disclosure records.

Health Republic Insurance of New York, a Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans marketplace created under the Affordable Care Act, began paying Alston & Bird, LLP in the second quarter of 2014 and continued through the third quarter of 2015, around the time the co-op announced that it was going out of business, according to the lobbying database.

Donald Trump Backs Taxpayer Bailouts for Health Insurance Companies in New Book


In Donald Trump’s latest book, Crippled America, the former frontrunner for the Republican nomination writes that government “doesn’t belong in health care except as the very last resort.” As Trump goes onto explain, he thinks the government should guarantee funding for insurance companies that lose a lot money, whether as a result of outside factors or simply poor management. In other words, he’s in favor of government bailouts for health insurance companies.

Here is the full passage: