China Secretly Conducts Second Flight Test Of New Ultra High-Speed Missile

Wu-14 hypersonic glide vehicle poses major strategic weapons threat
An artistic rendering of a hypersonic aircraft / AP

China recently conducted the second flight test of a new, ultra-high-speed missile that is part of what analysts say is Beijing’s global system of attack weapons capable of striking the United States with nuclear warheads.

The latest test of the new hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV) known as Wu-14 took place Aug. 7 at a missile facility in western China, said U.S. government officials familiar with details of the test reported in internal channels.

Egypt Asks Russia for Anti-Tank Missiles, Warplanes

Request comes after Saudis gave Egypt $2 billion for Russian weapons
ussian President Vladimir Putin and Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi in Sochi, Russia on Tuesday / AP

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has asked Russia to supply Egypt with high-tech fighter jets, attack helicopters, and anti-tank missile systems, according to regional reports.

White House Can’t Explain Iraq Objectives to Congress

Classified briefing provides few answers on objectives, legality of strikes
President Barack Obama talks with National Security Advisor Susan E. Rice following foreign leader phone calls, from Chilmark, Mass., August 11, 2014 / White House Flickr

Just two weeks after the Obama administration asked Congress to repeal the Iraq war authorization, the White House is failing to adequately explain to lawmakers the legal justification and concrete objectives for its airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), according to congressional insiders apprised of off-the-record briefings on the matter.

Life Under Siege

Iron Dome, shelter procedures keeping Israelis safe as rockets rain down
An Iron Dome air defense system in Ashkalon attempts to intercept a rocket fired from Gaza Strip / AP

JERUSALEM—Before the sirens stopped wailing last night, the staircase, serving as a shelter, was lined by neighbors, including some women in housecoats hastily donned. It was the first siren to be heard in Jerusalem since the fighting with Hamas began to intensify the day before.

Power Precedes Politics

Column: What liberal internationalists don’t understand
An ISIL image shows the country’s largest oil refinery under ISIL control / AP

The situation on the ground: Iraq in flames. The black flag of al Qaeda over Sunni-majority cities, Shiite militias cleansing Baghdad neighborhoods of other sects and ethnicities, car and suicide bombs exploding daily, the government of Nouri al-Maliki looking insolent and ineffective, the Kurds hinting at independence. Civil war. Iranian meddling. American defeat.

Report: U.S. Diplomatic Compounds Still at Risk After Benghazi

Warns of ‘tragic consequences’ for those on the ground
Charred vehicle at the entrance of the U.S. Conulate, in Benghazi, Libya / AP

U.S. diplomatic compounds overseas continue to be endangered by lax security measures and, in many cases, are highly vulnerable to potential attack, a fact that the State Department has failed to address for nearly 10 years, according to a newly released government oversight report.

Russia Test Fires Six New Air-Launched Cruise Missiles

Putin orders military exercises amid new Ukraine tensions
Russian Air Force Tu-95 bombers fly in formation over Red Square / AP

Russian strategic air forces fired six new, precision-strike cruise missiles in test launches Friday amid new tensions between Moscow and the West over the crisis in Ukraine.