U.S. Forces ‘Closely Monitoring’ Iranian Warships Near Yemen

A warship prepares to leave Iranian waters / AP

U.S. military forces are “closely monitoring” an Iranian ship bound for Yemen that is said to contain aid for the warring factions in that country, according to multiple Pentagon officials. The aid ship is reported to be accompanied by at least two Iranian warships also in the region, where Iran and the United States are supporting opposite sides in the conflict between rebel forces and the Yemeni government.

Isolationism With Drones Is Leading to American Failure

National Peace Officers' Memorial Service, Washington, D.C., America - 15 May 2015
The Times of London reported this Sunday that, according to “senior American officials,” Saudi Arabia has decided to purchase nuclear weapons “off-the-shelf” from Pakistan.

Whether or not this specific report turns out to be accurate, it is clearly the case that the Gulf Arabs feel betrayed by the Obama administration’s facilitation of an Iranian nuclear program, not to mention our slow-motion withdrawal from the role of securing commerce in the Persian Gulf, and our abandonment of an ally in Yemen. It stands to reason that the Gulf Arabs will want nukes of their own, and they have not been shy about broadcasting that fact. So the result of Obama’s extension of an olive branch to the mullahs, his pursuit of realignment and peace in the Middle East, is a regional nuclear arms race.

NORAD Plans Training Exercise Over DC

A Canadian F-18 participates in a NORAD simulation / AP

The Continental United States NORAD region and the North American Aerospace Defense Command will conduct exercise Falcon Virgo 15-08 starting at midnight Wednesday into early Thursday morning over the skies of Washington, D.C.