Why Donald Trump Should Accept Vicente Fox’s Invite and Visit Mexico


Former Mexican president Vicente Fox appeared to reach across the border last week by inviting Donald Trump to visit his country and “learn about the real Mexico.”

It turned out not to be quite the olive branch we had thought.

In the same week that he apologized to Trump, Fox called the real estate mogul the “hated gringo” and the “ugly American” in an “explicit” interview with KickAss Politics.

Here is the picture Fox took for his interview about Trump:

ABC: Large Protests Outside of Clinton’s Cinco de Mayo Rally

cinco de mayo

A rally for Hillary Clinton in Los Angeles on Thursday looked more like an event for Donald Trump, with large numbers of protesters interrupting the rally itself. The rally for Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican holiday celebrating an important win by Mexican forces against France during the Franco-Mexican War in 1862, was held as a Hispanic outreach event.