Kyl Criticizes Neo-Isolationist Sentiment in Congress

Says GOP needs to do a better job of arguing for defense priorities
Jon Kyl / AP

Former Sen. Jon Kyl (R., Ariz.) criticized what he described as a resurgent isolationist streak in Congress during a breakfast discussion at the Capitol Hill Club on Tuesday.

Outgoing Senators Slam Obama

Kyl, Lieberman hit Obama for Iran, Syria failures
Sens. Kyl, Lieberman / AP

Two senior Senators criticized the Obama administration late Thursday for failing to present Iran with a credible U.S. military threat as Tehran inches toward building a nuclear weapon.

Putting Iran on Notice

Lawmakers talk Iranian threat at FPI discussions
Kinzinger, Lieberman / AP

Lawmakers said it is time for American to “confront Iran” and tell them to act in a more responsible manner during a discussion on foreign policy Tuesday.

Top 5 GOP Convention Appeals to Disaffected Democrats

From Artur Davis to Jeane Kirkpatrick—and beyond
Artur Davis / AP

In 2008, Artur Davis spoke at the Democratic National Convention. Four years of Obama and he endorsed the Republican nominee and was given a speaking slot at the Republican National Convention. Here are five more Democrats who changed their minds.