Ex-POW Jessica Lynch Expresses Concern for Iraqi Christians

Jessica Lynch shortly after her rescue / AP

Former prisoner of war Jessica Lynch expressed her concern over Christians being persecuted by the Islamic State in Iraq on Sunday. While speaking with The Rita Cosby Show on WABC Lynch, who was rescued from her captors in 2003 after being held hostage for 9 days, said she is disturbed by the brutal treatment many Christians have endured since the rise of the terrorist group.

How Iran’s Military Chiefs Operate in Iraq

A tank belonging to the Shi'ite Badr Brigade militia takes position in front of a gas station in Suleiman Beg, northern Iraq in this September 9, 2014

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The face stares out from multiple billboards in central Baghdad, a grey-haired general casting a watchful eye across the Iraqi capital. This military commander is not Iraqi, though. He’s Iranian.

Marie Harf, Barack Obama, and ‘Legitimate Grievances’

Marie Harf / Facebook

The State Department’s Marie Harf got herself into trouble yesterday by employing a Bush-era talking point about the inability to “win this war by killing” the terrorists, adding, before being cut off by an incredulous Chris Matthews, that “we need in the medium- and long-term to go after the root causes that lead people to join these groups, whether its lack of opportunity for jobs…”

The ridicule rolled in swiftly. Harf, defensive and confused, seemed to conclude that she was witnessing an irrational backlash driven by pure partisanship, and took to the Twitters to point out that all she was doing was recycling a point made in the past by men like Mike Mullen and George W. Bush, among others.