The Case for Permanent American Bases


In the now infamous press conference in Turkey last week, President Obama laid out his case against using American ground troops in Iraq and Syria. In the course of doing so, he tossed what he surely believed to be an argument-ending rhetorical grenade: the specter of “permanent occupation” as the necessary follow-on to American ground action.

Hillary Clinton Has a Genius Strategy to Defeat ISIS

Nailed it. (AP)

Hillary Clinton just gave pretty hawkish sounding speech on the problem posed by ISIS at the Council on Foreign Relations. Here is the transcript. Her campaign chairman John Podesta tweeted along as she outlined her genius plan to defeat the terror group.

Obama Has a Strategy in the Middle East, and It’s Working

President Obama in Cairo, 2009 / AP

The Obama administration is “operating on a crisis basis” in the Middle East, says Leon Panetta, and doesn’t “have any kind of larger strategy” for the region. The president’s recent actions there, including the deployment of 50 special operations troops to Syria, are too incremental and “will not work,” says Fareed Zakaria. Indeed, the situation in that country has “spiraled out of control,” according to Vox’s Max Fisher in a post headlined “Unfixable: How Obama Lost Syria.”