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Rep. Diane Black Continues Year Long Fight Against Wasteful Program
Rep. Diane Black (R., Tenn.) / AP

Rep. Diane Black (R., Tenn.) has been fighting for more than a year to eliminate a wasteful and abusive office within the Department of Homeland Security that the Obama administration continues despite it being defunded by Congress.

The Inequality Business

Column: What’s really at stake in the inequality debate
Katie Couric / Twitter

I am fascinated by two recent tweets from Katie Couric. The talk show host recently visited Gracie Mansion in New York City, where mayor-elect Bill de Blasio will live beginning Jan. 1. Couric likes de Blasio, and is eager for him to start his job. One tweet from Gracie Mansion showed Couric sitting atop a four-poster bed, one hand resting on the quilt-cover, the other clutching a wine glass. She is dressed in black, her hair and makeup are perfect, and her crossed legs display a striking pair of red pumps. “Mayor de Blasio will sleep here!” she wrote. A minute later Couric tweeted a second photo, in which she assumed the same pose atop a porcelain freestanding bathtub, surrounded on three sides by marble wainscoting, one of her haute pumps resting on a mosaic floor. “… And bathe here!” she wrote excitedly. Maybe you had to be there.