This Is What a Grassroots Army Looks Like


KYIV—It is quarter to midnight on the last night of 2014, and the mass of people pouring out of the Metro station near Sophia Square in the Ukrainian capital is so colorfully adorned it is almost unsettling. One of the more jarring aspects of Kyiv, for a first-time visitor like myself, is the strict black/gray monotony of local dress. On this night, though, the streets are filled with blue and yellow.

A Tale of Two Vanity Projects


Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s ability to bring major construction projects to Chicago has won over private sector unions and the business community even as he hemorrhages support from government unions disappointed with his budget reforms. No projects could prove more important to his reelection than the Obama Presidential Library and George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. These vanity projects from two beloved celebrities promise to deliver billions in growth, millions in tax revenue, and thousands of jobs.

Disney World? Never Heard of Her


I’ve experienced the shock of the floor suddenly dropping out from under my feet as I sat atop Disney World’s 200-foot-tall “Tower of Terror.” I’ve felt the hair stand up on the back of my neck while being launched from nine miles per hour to 40 in a split second up the 105-foot first hill of Universal Studio’s ‘Incredible Hulk’ rollercoaster. But there’s nothing that compares to feeling flames kiss your hand as they spew out of a short-barreled fully-automatic M4 assault rifle while it eats through a 30 round magazine at 900 rounds per minute inside Orlando’s latest, and greatest, attraction: Machine Gun America.

Inside the Worst Forfeiture Court in America

Philadelphia, Pa. / AP

PHILADELPHIA – Room 478 is a dumpy little courtroom on the fourth floor of the Philadelphia City Hall. Well, it’s technically a courtroom, but one could be forgiven for not recognizing it as such. There is no judge or jury or formal “all rise” when the proceedings start every day at 9 a.m. sharp—just a couple of prosecutors and a crowd of confused, frustrated people sitting in old wooden chairs.

‘Jules, This is Brian’

A view of the National September 11 Memorial Museum with the north reflecting pool in foreground

The 9/11 Museum’s main exhibit is a by-the-minute walkthrough of the events of the day in question, housed in what was once a sub-basement of the World Trade Center’s North Tower. Shortly after beginning it, one encounters the following artifact: the final recorded words of Brian Sweeney. The visitor listens to them by using a telephone mounted on the exhibit’s wall.

One of the ‘Important People’

Marilyn Jerome, Sharon Malone

I was told the OBGYN practice where the wives of two prominent Democrats are partners reserves its morning appointments for “important people.” It was an intriguing claim, especially given the fact that Foxhall OB/GYN Associates does not accept Medicaid even as the office is being used as a prop in a Democrat’s congressional campaign.

I decided to investigate. Could I get a morning appointment? Was I one of the “important people”?