Plagiarist Stands by Obama

Noted plagiarist Fareed Zakaria / AP

Noted plagiarist Fareed Zakaria was once rumored to be in the running for a top diplomatic post in the Obama administration. Nothing ever panned out, but that hasn’t stopped Zakaria and his team of writers from being reliable champions of the president’s foreign policy.

Earlier this month, an individual writing under Zakaria’s byline called on Western leaders to exclude Russia from the G-8 in response to its actions in Crimea: “Russia’s membership in the G-8 should be suspended. Remember, the G-8 was created to recognize that post-Soviet Russia was behaving like an honorable member of the international community, not a rogue state.”

Some politicians, such as Senator John McCain (R., Ariz.), have argued for years that Russia’s G-8 membership should be reassessed; McCain suggested this back in a 2008 while running for president. But Zakaria didn’t think this was such a great idea back then, calling it “the most radical idea put forward by a major candidate for the presidency in 25 years.”

Dirty Pool

Column: The rise of secretarial journalism
Vice President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart Li Yuanchao

It was a sunny day in Beijing on Thursday—refreshingly sunny, to be more precise—when Vice President Joe Biden met Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. I know this because I have read the pool report of the occasion, a pithy and practically content-free piece of journalism that is nevertheless one of the more entertaining things to enter my inbox in recent days. The pool report confirms the lingering suspicion—if it hasn’t been confirmed a million times already—that the line between journalism and Democratic Party cheerleading has more than faded. It has become invisible.

Fareed Flacks for Potential Future Boss

Cites CBS poll on CNN because it favors Obama more
Noted plagiarist Fareed Zakaria / AP

CNN pundit and prospective Secretary of State appointee Fareed Zakaria gushed over President Barack Obama’s foreign policy debate performance on Monday night.


Fareed Zakaria suspended from TIME Mag for plagiarism
AP Images

TIME Magazine has suspended Fareed Zakaria’s monthly column, after he plagiarized a paragraph on gun control from an April New Yorker piece.

The Future of Fareed

CNN talk show host Zakaria could be on Obama short list for a top diplomatic post in a more flexible second term

A CNN pundit who has advocated nuclear containment of Iran and expressed antipathy towards American democracy is said to be on the short list for a top diplomatic post in a second Obama administration—perhaps even secretary of State. That is raising red flags across Capitol Hill and within foreign policy circles.