Univision Owner Smacks Down Fareed Zakaria for ‘Anti-Israel’ Bias

Fareed Zakaria
Fareed Zakaria / AP
April 30, 2015

Univision chairman and top Clinton donor Haim Saban slammed Fareed Zakaria for being "so anti-Israel, I’m banging my head against the wall every time I watch you," at the CNN host’s book launch in Beverly Hills on Monday.

Saban was handed the microphone during an audience question-and-answer session with Zakaria, who was promoting his new book In Defense of a Liberal Education. Saban, who funds many pro-Israel initiatives and Democratic politicians, took the moment to criticize the Fareed Zakaria GPS anchor for his show’s anti-Israel slant, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

"Speaking of education, I think you need an education about what Israel really is," Saban told Zakaria.

"Your point of view is so anti-Israel, I’m banging my head against the wall every time I watch you," Saban continued. "And I keep watching because I am a masochist, right?"

He added that Zakaria’s show was "very, very unbalanced" and that the CNN host "need[ed] to go through some change."

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Zakaria did not appear open to Saban’s suggestions.

"Frankly, Haim, I don’t give a damn if you think taking that position is anti-Israeli," said the CNN host.

Zakaria went on to accuse Saban of "selling [Israel] down the river by continuing to say that whatever the Likudniks want is the right answer—no matter what—and kick the problem down the road, hoping one day we’ll sort it out."

Saban, who raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign, told the Washington Free Beacon last week that he is still not sure what her position is on the Iran deal.

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