The Frack Attack

Anti-fracking movement rallies in D.C., ignores science

Approximately 1,500 anti-hydraulic fracturing activists converged on Washington, D.C., July 28 for “Stop the Frack Attack,” a rally by “urban elites” to strangle a rural economic boom, according to experts on the issue.

Rep. Waxman accuses GOP of murder

Republicans ‘getting away—literally—with murder’

Rep. Henry Waxman (D., Calif.) literally accused House Republicans of literally getting away with murder with their latest batch of energy legislation.

EPA Admin: Americans No Smarter Than Fifth Graders

EPA chief says government not to blame for coal’s decline, criticizes American media in foreign outlet

When asked to craft a headline about her tenure at the EPA, chief administrator Lisa Jackson questioned the American public’s ability to read at a fifth-grade level in an interview with the Guardian.

The Devil They Know

Oil Execs for Obama

Oil executives have given a substantial amount of money and support to President Obama’s re-election campaign, in spite of their criticisms of the president’s energy policies.