Experts: U.S. Needs to Fund, Position Military for Success in Future

Nation must decide what priorities are in changing world

Military experts at the Heritage Foundation on Wednesday argued the United States needs to adequately fund and arrange forces in a way that allow the nation to respond to an array of situations in the face of a changing global landscape.

GAO: Pentagon’s Finances Are a Mess

Chuck Hagel

The Pentagon has roughly $7.2 billion in excess equipment, gave out more than $1 billion in improper payments, and wasted billions on a system for the Air Force to account for its inventory, according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

What Containment Really Is

Analysis: How a Cold War grand strategy became just another word for passivity
George F. Kennan, former ambassador to Moscow  / AP

Since the Russian invasion of Crimea, President Barack Obama has repeatedly asserted that “this is not another Cold War.” Yet in a front-page story in the Sunday New York Times, Peter Baker reports that the president and his advisers have chosen “to forge a new long-term approach to Russia that applies an updated version of the Cold War strategy of containment.” Their ambition, Baker says, is nothing less than to isolate Russia, “making it a pariah state.”

Conflict of Interest

‘Pro-market’ Lexington Institute arguing in favor of subsidies for donors
Boeing F-18 Super Hornet jet fighter / AP

An ostensibly market-oriented nonprofit group defending a controversial federal program to finance the purchase of U.S. exports is financially supported by top defense contractors that benefit from the program.

Report: F-35 Delay to Harm U.S. Warfighting Ability

Costs skyrocketing as reliability plunges
An F-35B fighter jet / AP

A major delay in the shipment of new F-35 fighter jets is expected to diminish U.S. “warfighting capabilities” across the globe and force the Pentagon to significantly boost funding for the plane at a time when military leaders say they cannot afford to, according to a new government report.

Dempsey: Threat of Conflict in Asia Increasing

U.S. Military decline hastens global instability
Gen. Martin Dempsey / AP

The risk of war in Asia will increase over the next 10 years as U.S. military forces struggle to maintain their edge amid declining budgets and increasing threats, according to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Lost in Translation

Review: ‘Code Name: Johnny Walker’
Navy SEALs / AP

“An autobiography is a book a person writes about his own life and it is usually full of all sorts of boring details,” Roald Dahl informed his young readers. And even if a person’s life is exceptional, there’s still no guarantee it will be worth reading.

Defense Official Denies SEAL Team Six Operation Was Compromised

Families left without answers on operation that left 30 American troops dead
U.S. Navy Seals

The 2011 downing of a helicopter in Afghanistan that resulted in the deaths of 30 American troops—including 17 Navy SEALs, a number of whom were members of the SEAL team that killed Osama bin Laden—was not compromised but did suffer from faulty planning, a defense official said on Thursday.