U.S. Tech Companies Partner with Firms Linked to Chinese Military

Xi Jinping, Harry Shum

U.S. technology companies are increasingly forming partnerships with firms that sell advanced equipment to the Chinese military, raising concerns that American businesses are indirectly aiding Beijing’s defenses as it assumes a more aggressive posture in regional disputes and threatens U.S. security, analysts say.

Inside China’s Propaganda Network

Xi Jinping

(REUTERS) BEIJING/WASHINGTON – In August, foreign ministers from 10 nations blasted China for building artificial islands in the disputed South China Sea. As media around the world covered the diplomatic clash, a radio station that serves the most powerful city in America had a distinctive take on the news.

China Shadows US Destroyer in South China Sea

U.S. guided-missile destroyer Lassen

China bitterly responded to the U.S. destroyer that sailed within 12 miles of its artificial islands in the South China Sea Tuesday, tracking the warship and protesting the U.S. Navy’s decision in a conversation with the U.S. ambassador.