Clashes Escalate in Hong Kong Between Protesters, Police

Protesters attend a protest rally in Hong Kong Sunday, Aug. 31

Police have begun arresting pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong after China said it would not allow the city to freely choose its top leader.

Hong Kong officials on Tuesday said they arrested 19 protesters for what they called illegal assembly, while local media reported the arrests of three others at their homes. China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) ruled on Sunday that Beijing would still control the nomination process for Hong Kong’s chief executive in 2017.

Remilitarize the World Police

Team America: World Police

F-16s grounded. Blackhawks covered in foam. Just two Army brigades combat ready. Half the cruiser fleet rendered inoperable. New nukes delayed—for two years. The percentage of the economy devoted to defense at pre-9/11 levels. Bipartisan experts terrified of the consequences. America’s deterrent—our ability to discourage and respond to aggression—is gone.

It was thrown away. First, President Obama cut defense massively, constraining the Pentagon and hollowing out the force. He was helped not only by Democrats in Congress but also by Republicans, who agreed to the budget sequester in 2011. Democrats want more money for social programs; Republicans want to cut the deficit. They are both guilty of short-term thinking.