Chinese Paper Prints Map of Japan Covered by Mushroom Clouds

The bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima / Wikimedia Commons

TOKYO/BEIJING (Reuters) – Japan on Tuesday vowed to make a stern protest to China after a regional Chinese newspaper printed a map of the country with mushroom clouds hovering over the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and accused the Japanese of wanting war again.

Chinese Military Creates High-Level Cyber Intelligence Center

Strategic cyber intelligence group within Communist Party’s all-powerful military organ revealed
Chinese students learn computer skills in a computer room at Lanxiang Vocational School

The Chinese military revealed this week that it has set up a high-level cyberspace intelligence center amid growing concerns around the world over Beijing’s aggressive cyber espionage.

Disclosure of the new military cyber spying center followed unprecedented U.S. charges in May against five Chinese military hackers who prosecutors say engaged in widespread theft of American corporate and trade secrets through cyber espionage.

Congress Trolls Chinese Embassy

Wants to rename street in front of Chinese Embassy after imprisoned Chinese dissident
Rep. Frank Wolf (R., Va.) / AP

Congress is taking steps to rename the street in front of the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C., after a Chinese dissident currently imprisoned by the Communist regime.

U.S. Opposes New Draft Treaty from China and Russia Banning Space Weapons

Arms control pact sought as Beijing, Moscow secretly build anti-satellite, space arms
Wikimedia Commons

The United States is opposing a new draft treaty submitted to the United Nations last week by China and Russia that seeks legally binding curbs on weapons in space amid concerns that both states are secretly building space arms.

NY Dem Invested in Iran’s Biggest Oil Customer

Republican calls on Sean Eldridge to divest from Chinese company
Democratic candidate for Congress Sean Eldridge / AP

A Democratic House candidate is under fire for his husband’s sizable investment in a Chinese oil company that does extensive business in the Iranian oil sector.

Boston School Officials Kowtow to China, Throw Democracy Under Bus

The problem starts at the top, of course

Look, I don’t expect much from Hollywood. When it comes to the filthy lucre, I suffer from no delusions. So I’m annoyed, but not shocked, when Hollywood throws little things like “narrative cohesion” or “the American filmgoer” under the bus in order to gain access to the Chinese market. The all-ighty-ollar reigns supreme.

But I expect more from our principals and our superintendents, those brave souls dedicating what little time they have on our planet to improving the faculties of children who would rather be playing Grand Theft Auto V. Surely these leaders of young men, these molders of pliable minds, have an appreciation for the American way of life. Surely a school official in Boston, the cradle of American democracy, has some sense of the importance of evangelizing on behalf of freedom, of the need to lift up the oppressed around the world!