China Continues Crackdown on Free Speech

Activist sentenced to six and a half years in prison for 'creating a disturbance'
Chinese activist Dong Rubin /

A Chinese online activist was sentenced to six and a half years in prison on Wednesday amid an ongoing crackdown on free speech in the country, Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD) reports.

Plagiarist Not Worried About Global Instability

Noted plagiarist Fareed Zakaria / AP

Political analyst and confirmed plagiarist Fareed Zakaria is not concerned about the unraveling geopolitical situation under President Obama. In a Washington Post article published Thursday, Zakaria observed that the world “seems very messy these days.” However, he’s not worried, writing that it is not “the worst of times.”

American Federation of Communists

Pro-communist literature handed out at AFT conference
Chinese protestors touting pictures of Mao Zedong / AP

Communist pamphleteers are using the American Federation of Teachers annual convention as a recruiting ground, according to a new video.

‘The Massive, Poisonous Vacuum’—25 Years After Tiananmen Square

‘The People’s Republic of Amnesia: Tiananmen Revisited’

Communist regimes have long specialized in committing enormous resources and legions of secret police stooges to the airbrushing of their own histories. Persons—both living and dead—become non-persons, past events become events that never happened, certain subjects become unmentionable in any public forums and sometimes even in private conversation.

This brand of enforced amnesia becomes necessary with these regimes for the simple reason that they are far more terrified of their own populations than the threats from the outside world that they are constantly handwringing about.