China Labor Unrest Approaches Boiling Point

Workers not receiving benefits required by Chinese law
Workers at a Yue Yuen Industrial factory / AP

One of China’s largest ever labor strikes is likely to continue and could fuel more unrest across the country, observers say.

China’s Xi Preps for Star Wars

China's President Xi urges greater military use of space
China's President Xi Jinping

(Reuters) – Chinese President Xi Jinping urged the air force to adopt an integrated air and space defence capability, in what state media on Tuesday called a response to the increasing military use of space by the United States and others.

Massive China Shoe Factory Strike Rolls on as Offer Falls Flat

A Chinese worker labors in a factory making sports shoes

DONGGUAN/HONG KONG (Reuters) – Thousands of workers at a giant Chinese shoe factory shrugged off an offer for improved social benefits on Tuesday, prolonging one of the largest strikes in China in recent years amid signs of increased labor activism as the economy slows.

China Reveals New Carrier Jet Prior to Hagel Visit

Defense secretary visits carrier
Source: Chinese website

China’s military has allowed the public release of the first photographs of a warplane variant deployed on the Liaoning — the aircraft carrier that saw its first visit by U.S. officials this week.

Protesters Say China Invading Taiwan by Economic Means

Say pact would leave country beholden to China’s interests
Protesters display a banner denouncing the controversial China Taiwan trade pact / AP

More than 100,000 Taiwanese protesters over the weekend voiced concerns that a proposed trade pact with China would leave the democratic island increasingly beholden to its neighbor’s interests.

The protests swelled on Sunday in opposition to the deal that would open up dozens of service sectors to trade between Taiwan and China. Demonstrators have also occupied Taiwan’s parliament building.

Warfare Three Ways

China waging ‘Three Warfares’ against United States in Asia, Pentagon says
Delegates from Chinese People's Liberation Army / AP

China is waging political warfare against the United States as part of a strategy to drive the U.S. military out of Asia and control seas near its coasts, according to a Pentagon-sponsored study.

Chinese Police University Trains Beijing Hackers

Network attack training unit part of Chinese cyber warfare capability
China's police university Network Attack and Defense Laboratory / Chinese company website

China’s main internal security and police university is training hackers for cyber attacks, according to new information obtained by the U.S. government.

The People’s Public Security University in Beijing, a part of the Ministry of Public Security that trains all of China’s police and internal security troops, has several units engaged in training and operations for cyber attacks.

Stolen F-35 Secrets Now Showing Up in China’s Stealth Fighter

Design data on F-35 stolen in 2007
Photo comparison of the U.S. F-35 left and Chinese J-20. / Chinese website

A cyberespionage operation by China seven years ago produced sensitive technology and aircraft secrets that were incorporated into the latest version of China’s new J-20 stealth fighter jet, according to U.S. officials and private defense analysts.