Delta’s Dilemma

Delta launches suit against Export-Import Bank, arguing that bank hurts American businesses

Delta Air Lines launched a suit on Wednesday against the United States Export-Import Bank, alleging that the bank did not properly assess its impact on U.S. businesses when it financed purchases by foreign airlines, reported Bloomberg.

Obama Embraces ‘Dark Money’

Obama-backed 501(c)4 begins wooing corporate donors

The creation of the Obama-supporting 501(c)4 Organizing for Action is a sign President Barack Obama has no intention to repudiate the role of corporate money in political life during his second term, campaign finance experts suggest.

National Pro-Labor Relations Board

Report: NLRB hotbed of pro-union activism
Lafe Solomon, the acting general counsel for NLRB / AP

The Obama administration has turned the nation’s top labor dispute board into a bastion of pro-union activism, according to a House report. A House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform investigation revealed that the National Labor Relations Board, an independent arbiter of labor disputes, has demonstrated “strong pro-union bias” over the past three years.

Obama’s Outsourcer

Company of Obama export adviser encourages outsourcing jobs to Mexico
Boeing logo

The company of a prominent Obama administration adviser is encouraging its employees and business partners to explore outsourcing to Mexico.

Podesta in Cairo

State Department adviser, chairman of Center for American Progress tours Egypt with clients of family’s lobbying firms
USEBC Delegation /

A delegation of American business leaders with lobbying ties to relatives of a top Obama administration adviser wrapped up a four-day tour in Egypt aimed at laying the groundwork for increased economic cooperation on Tuesday, as violent rioters stormed the U.S. Embassy in Cairo.

‘Friends Like These’

ACORN, unions ‘impressed’ with Obama’s labor board, documents show

Emails obtained by Cause of Action from Lafe Solomon, acting counsel for President Obama’s National Labor Relations Board, reveal the arbitrary nature of the NLRB’s complaint against Boeing after the company’s move to a right-to-work state.

Barry’s Bank

Obama wants Congress to expand controversial Export-Import Bank tied to bankrupt green energy companies
AP Images

The Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im) is a little-known institution that has become a hot topic in Washington as Congress debates whether to extend its authorization and increase its lending capability. The bank is also a hotbed of crony capitalism—run by political donors for the benefit of political donors.