Politifact: Sequester an Obama Idea


Politifact rated President Barack Obama’s statement in Monday's debate that the sequester "is something that Congress has proposed" as mostly false.

Politifact’s reporting comes partially from Bob Woodward’s book The Pride of Politics. In it, Woodward shows the sequester was initially an Obama White House idea. The apparent intent was to get Republicans to negotiate cuts, something that did not happen.

The rating:

Obama said that the sequester — and the defense cuts that would result from it — was not his proposition. "It is something that Congress has proposed," he said in the debate.

But it was Obama’s negotiating team that came up with the idea for defense cuts in 2011, though they were intended to prod Congress to come up with a better deal for reining in the deficit, not as an effort to make those cuts reality. …

Obama can’t rightly say the sequester isn’t his, but he did need cooperation from Congress to get to this point. We rate the statement Mostly False.