Obama Bundler Seeks Return to ‘Gilded Age’

Eva Longoria working on opulent steakhouse concept


One-time Young and the Restless star, current paramour of embattled New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, and major Obama bundler Eva Longoria has decided that what the world needs now is an "updated" take on the "gilded age":

Female diners are carving out their own space in the restaurant industry, with actress Eva Longoria's women-focused steakhouse SHe as the latest entry. …

SHe is scheduled to open New Year's Eve in the Crystals shopping space at the CityCenter. A news release envisions the eatery as "an updated interpretation of the gilded age when wealth and excessive opulence ruled America's upper-class combined with a modern version of art deco to create a feeling of empowerment, especially for female guests."

Considering the class warfare tactics engaged in by Democrats at their national convention, political operatives are questioning the timing of the announcement by the Obama campaign's favorite actress.