No More Solyndras

Republicans Fall into Line Behind Anti-Solyndra bill


After squabbling behind closed doors, House Republicans have united behind the No More Solyndras Act, a bill to finish the energy loan guarantee program.

Politico‘s Andrew Restuccia and Darren Goode report:

At least three House Energy and Commerce Committee Republicans had publicly expressed reservations about the GOP-backed "No More Solyndras Act" during the past week. They griped, to varying degrees, about a provision that would effectively end the loan guarantee program — and argued that it needs to be reformed, not killed. …

"Republicans will be fiscal frauds if they renew the very money-losing energy programs they attacked Barack Obama for," the WSJ wrote in an editorial that appeared online Wednesday night and in print Thursday. "When the next Solyndra goes bankrupt, voters will have more than Mr. Obama to blame."

The Heritage Foundation called on Republicans and Democrats to support the bill.

Conservatives need to get on board. We don’t need to fix the energy subsidy programs. We need to abolish them.