MSNBC Host: Arming Teachers Comparable to All Airline Passengers Having Explosives in Their Shoes


Responding to remarks by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R., Tex.) that he wished the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary had been armed in order to stop the killer, MSNBC host Alex Wagner compared the proposition to all airline passengers having explosives in their shoes after the attempted airplane "shoe bombing" in 2001.

ED SCHULTZ: Alex, every time something happens with firearms in this country, we hear the same old tired talking points coming out from conservatives from the right, supplied by the NRA. Is this time different?
ALEX WAGNER: I do think this time is different, and I think you see a little bit more movement on the right or at least an acknowledgment that this is a line in the sand. I think the arming of the teachers theory, or proposal, is a new level of ridiculousness. Can you imagine after the terrorist who had the explosives in his shoes, if we had said, ‘Well, every airline passenger should have explosive shoes so that we can combat it like that?' It's a ludicrous, ludicrous proposition. It's totally untenable.