Head of Obama’s Dark-Money Group Decries Citizens United


The head of President Barack Obama's new dark-money group says Citizens United "needs to be overturned."

Jim Messina, the former manager of the president's reelection campaign, is currently leading the formation of Organizing for Action, the tax-exempt 501(c)4 that is not required to disclose its donors or the amounts they give.

"I think Citizens United needs to be overturned, either legislatively or by the states," Messina told MSNBC's Chuck Todd Tuesday evening at a Chicago Institute of Politics event. "We were able to have a grassroots, internet fundraising that no one had ever seen before, and we could combat it like that. And that's the grassroots way to do it, but long-term, Barack Obama is a once-in-a-generation politician and, you know, every person running in 2016 for president, my advice for them is go get a Super PAC."

OFA is in the process of wooing corporate donors, despite the public line that the fundraising effort will be grassroots-focused.