DNC Gets Boost From Hollywood


Hollywood is anteing up for the Democratic Party, with many of its high profile stars and executives making large contributions to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in May.

According to yesterday’s Federal Election Committee filing, the donors lining up for the DNC include stars Steve Buscemi, Melanie Griffith, and Uma Thurman.

Buscemi has become best known for his role as the Republican treasurer of Atlantic City in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire.

Also contributing to the committee was executive producer of The SimpsonsJames L. Brooks, who is a longtime donor for the Democratic Party and one of Obama’s 2013 inaugural donors.

20th Century Fox executives Thomas Rothman and Dana Walden contributed a total of $42,400.

The DNC got sizeable contributions from the fashion industry as well.

Tommy Hilfiger was the largest out of this group, contributing $32,400 to the committee. Vera Wang and Michael Kors also made sizable donations.

Also included in the report was a maximum $32,400 donation from one of the party’s biggest financial backers, Warren Buffett.

The DNC could use all the help it can get, given its current debt situation.

The DNC took out two loans totaling $15 million from the union-owned Amalgamated Bank of New York in the summer months leading up to last years election.

The committee just began to pay off the loans a month ago. It made an additional payment of $750,000 this month, but is still $13.5 million in the hole.

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