Connolly: USPS ‘Viable and Vibrant’

Schultz: USPS budget shortfalls part of a GOP conspiracy to 'kill the post office'


Rep. Gerry Connolly (D., Va.) appeared on "The Ed Show" to discuss USPS's decision to cut Saturday delivery Wednesday on MSNBC. Connolly alleged that the budget crisis facing the USPS is artificial because the USPS is forced to pre-fund its pensions:

GERRY CONNOLLY: In the 2006 legislation, what is so monstrous about this, Ed, and you got it is they created this crisis in that lame duck legislation of the Republican Congress in 2006, and now they say, well, there is a crisis we created, and there is no choice but all these horrible decisions that will further kill a viable and vibrant postal service.

The subject of how the USPS would actually fund its pensions were it not compelled to do so up front was not broached. The USPS oversaw an over $5 billion loss in the third quarter of 2012 alone.