Biden Holidays in ‘Vacuum Cleaner’s’ Nantucket Pad

Joe Biden, Louis Susman / AP, Wikimedia Commons


Vice President Joe Biden spent the Thanksgiving holiday at the Nantucket home of U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom Louis Susman according to the Hill.

According to local media reports, the Bidens are spending the vacation at the home of Louis Susman, the American ambassador to the United Kingdom. Susman was a top fundraiser for the Obama campaign.

Affectionately nicknamed "the vacuum cleaner," Susman served as national finance chairman for Sen. John Kerry’s 2004 campaign and has been a prolific Democrat fundraiser. Susman was also a major bundler for Obama in 2008. He committed to raise between $200,000 and $500,000 for the campaign and contributed $50,000 to Obama’s inauguration.

Susman was appointed ambassador to the United Kingdom in 2009 for his trouble.

Prior to his ambassadorship, Susman was vice chairman of Citigroup Global Markets until he resigned in February 2009. During Susman’s tenure at Citigroup, the bank received at least $45 billion in bank bailouts and borrowed a further $99.5 billion in Federal Reserve-backed loans.

While Citigroup claimed its first quarter in 2009 was its best in years, it failed to disclose the amount of money it borrowed during that period.

Susman’s appointment was met with criticism in England after Obama promised to only appoint qualified ambassadorsThe Daily Telegraph said Susman would raise questions about Obama’s commitment to America's "special relationship" with the U.K.

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