Rendell waffles on support for Obama campaign


Former Democratic National Committee chairman Ed Rendell did not immediately offer his support for the Obama campaign, in an interview with Chris Matthews Tuesday.

MATTHEWS: Gov. Rendell, big question: Are you with the Obama campaign as it’s being run right now or are you against it?

RENDELL: Well, either/or. Right now, I’d like to see the president—I think he’s done a good job, Chris.

Rendell was critical of the Obama campaign's Bain attacks in a Buzzfeed story published Tuesday:

And Rendell joined the chorus of criticism of Obama’s attacks on finance, whose leaders have written checks to many members of both parties.

"I think they’re very disappointing," Rendell said of the ads attacking Bain. "I think Bain is fair game, because Romney has made it fair game. But I think how you examine it, the tone, what you say, is important as well."

As for Booker, "I admire him," Rendell said. "People in politics should tell the truth. He could have qualified it better, he could have framed it better, but if you’re in this business, none of us like negative ads."