Gordon Chang on Chinese Cyber Attack on WH


China expert Gordon Chang called the Chinese cyber attack on the White House worrisome in an interview with Neil Cavuto Monday.

"They went into the military office, that is the one responsible for keeping America's nuclear launch codes. And if they could compromise those, we would be in a real world of hurt," Chang said. "You are right, they have gotten so far. Part of the reason is because attackers normally have an advantage–and that's true for cyber attackers, as well."

"But there's another element to this, and this is: For years, we have been afraid to acknowledge that the Chinese have been behind unprecedented series of attacks not only for espionage but also to try all sorts of other things," he continued. "If we are not willing to have the honest conversations with the Chinese and with ourselves, then of course we can't do very much to protect American networks."

The Washington Free Beacon first reported the cyber attack on the White House late Sunday, which has since been confirmed by administration officials.